Wedding Day Note

Wedding Day Note

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding. We hope you will enjoy your big day. Our wish as your photographer(s) is to create stunning wedding photographs which you will remember your beautiful wedding day, eternally.

Photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding plan. We endeavour to capture all details of your wedding day and photographs will be prepared by the wedding photographer.

At erhan Boz Photography, not only do we want to meet your expectations but to exceed them, and to do this effectively we would love to meet you in person. It would be ideal to meet with you and your fiancée personally to discuss the plans for your big day, this will help us to get to know each other. After all, we believe the relationship you have with your photographer(s) is the most important of all your wedding vendors.

We can help you plan your day so that nothing is too rushed or drawn out, but the important things to remember are:


Your wedding day starts from the time you wake up. Plan to enjoy every moment :)


Allow plenty of time to chat to your friends and family after your photographs have been taken.


Remember to always smile, it will radiate to your family, guests and importantly your partner.


Right from the start of your day you should relax and enjoy it as it will fly by. The car may be late, the flowers may be a different shade of yellow or it may be raining. Do not let these things worry you, What will be will be (Que Sera Sera! ! !).

If you stay calm and relaxed above any hiccups you will have an unforgettable day.

Once you have seen your images we can put them on our website and Facebook page for your family and friends to have a glimpse. If anyone would like to order prints they can do so directly from us which will save you the time and trouble. We can hide your images and use a private link on our site if you do not wish for them to be viewed publicly.