Our style of pre-wedding photography involves creating crisp, clean and vibrant imagery, preserving the color and detail our scenes using a combination of lighting techniques and post production styles..

When couples are checking out the wedding photographers to work with, the chances are they’re focusing on the big day itself and the role the photographer will play in it. The pre-wedding photo shoot can be overlooked, and many couples don’t even realise such a thing exists. Here is a short explanation of what a pre-wedding photo shoot is and why you should consider one, along with a few tips to make the most of your shoot.

A pre-wedding photo shoot is a chance for you to get together with the wedding photographer in the run up to the big day, usually at a venue of your choice, and to have some portrait photos taken. Also we can include a pre-wedding photo shoot in your wedding photography package...

You have the chance to get to know us so you are more comfortable spending a large portion of your wedding day with your wedding photographer. You can talk to us about your likes and dislikes and we can get an idea of how you work with the camera, and how subtle or intrusive we should be on your wedding day. You can experience your photographer in action and make sure you have made the right choice before your wedding day. We should be doing our best to impress you during and after the pre-wedding photos, and if they seem unreliable at this stage you might want to reconsider your choice for the wedding itself. You can have some beautiful and natural images taken of you and your fiance looking like yourselves rather than like a bride and groom. Your pre-wedding photos can be taken in a more casual setting than your wedding venue such as your home, a park, or the beach.