Burak + Pinar

Burak + Pinar

Full Love Story Wedding Photography // Aula + Asansor Izmir

Early June is a beautiful time to celebrate an Izmir wedding, not too hot not too cold. Pınar and Burak, a wonderfully suited couple, were so happy and relaxed it funtastic taking their photos.

Preparations for the wedding began with Pinar at the hairdresser having her hair and makeup done. And of course the Turkish tradition started with writing the name under the brides shoe, (whoevers name remains under the after nite is next to be married). I did my part of writing my name under the brides shoe (First person to be exact!! J ).

The handsome groom Burak, came to pick up his bride in order to start the first photography shots of the day. Firstly starting in the luxury part of Izmir Alsancak, photos taken by the sea in Kordon. Later visiting the famous ´Dario Moreno´Street where history shows itself. The popular known "Asansör" (Elevator) was a great place to take photos of this lovely couple.

After the photo shoot in central Izmir, the final destination was the reception ´Aula Restaurant´. The reception had a pool with floating candles and white lilies which gave an elegant atmosphere. The green garden was tempting for a couple of extra shots before the wedding ceremony. The ceremony and reception being held in the same place helped with time and gave more of a chance to take photos with the couples family (which was very important for the bride and groom).

Once the sun went down the fun began with Turkish traditional music bright lights and action. The food was generous and the guests celebrated the day with plenty of dancing.

The genuine smile of the Bride and the masculine expressions from the groom are seen in the photography for the day.

Thank you Pinar and Burak for having us share your special day.